Immediate Rewards - Scrumptious Meals and Dr. Howards Success Diet

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Product Use Instructions

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Immediate Rewards© Product Use Instructions

Products… Programs to suit your lifestyle and nutritional needs. Everyone needs a nutritional food program that provides “all our bodies requirements” and compliments our hectic lifestyles. Our fast food – fat food choices provide little food value. Immediate Rewards© “meal replacements” are a carefully formulated convenience meal to assure users optimum nutrition. We have many flavor choices to satisfy your discrete pallet. Success & Scrumptious “meal replacements” are designed for taste satisfaction, and to assure you 100% daily protein requirements accompanied by 100% of the RDI daily requirements of vitamins/minerals and trace elements.

Quick Start Weight Loss

Produce the quickest results… in the shortest amount of time. Simple, easy to follow
50 Grams of Protein daily is the US-FDA suggestion… 50 grams of protein is what you get! Convenient individual servings:
A. Dr. Howard’s SUCCESS shakes with 12.5 grams of protein (use 4 daily to replace all meals = 500 calories).
B. Scrumptious Meals offer 17 grams of protein (use 3 daily to replace all meals = 330(shakes)- 600(meal bars) calories).
C. A minimum of (8) – 8 ounce glasses of water required per day (especially when dieting).
Water is essential to transport macronutrients/micronutrients to the body:
For best results – Increase water consumption to ½ ounce per pound of body weight.
Example: 150 pounds x ½ ounce = dieter should consume 75 ounces of water daily.
200 pounds x ½ ounce = dieter should consume 100 ounces of water daily.
Alcohol should not be used during Quick Start Weight Loss.
Use of low calorie beverages (limit diet sodas), should not replace water consumption.
D. Exercise should be started the week prior/or following the Quick Start Weight Loss Program.
E. Minimum (3) – 20 minute walks per week.

Perfect macronutrient balance for optimum weight loss, protein, fat, and carbohydrate.
Perfect micronutrient balance… All vitamins/minerals/nutrients/trace elements suggested by FDA.
Low calories – balances to assure your body sheds stubborn pounds.

Protein Added Weight Loss

Above guidelines, adding a hard-boiled egg, small piece of low fat chicken/turkey/fish.
Satisfactory weight loss should be achieved, if carbohydrate choices are not substituted.

Nutritional Weight Loss

This program can be adapted for less aggressive weight loss. Simple, easy to follow
Follow the above using a minimum of three servings per day.
1. Use of three portions assures all daily requirements are met.
2. Use one convenience meal (Success/Scrumptious) 30 minutes before eating a 400-800 calorie meal.
3. NOTE: Fast foods provide little nutritional value.
4. Foods at home rarely provide what your family requires to achieve optimal nutrition.
5. Your body limits absorption of some vitamins/minerals/trace elements, per serving. To achieve total requirements, it is important to consume 3 servings per day, even when you have decided to add meals to your weight loss program.

Re-Feeding Guidelines

Once desirable weight loss has been achieved. Slowly resume food additions
1. Week one/two: Low fat protein and low carbohydrate vegetables should be selected.
2. Week three/four: Begin adding limited amounts from the carbohydrate food groups. Limit to 3 per week!
3. Continue consuming (8) – 8 ounce glasses of water per day.
4. Gradually increase the amount of conventional foods, decreasing the amount of convenience meals… until weight stabilizes.
Most users find convenient meal replacements to help them with lifetime weight goals. Reduce portions, if weight begins to increase.

Lifetime Nutrition

Many people find Success – Scrumptious convenience meals assist them for total lifetime nutrition. Maximum benefits are achieved using three servings per day as a meal, portion of a meal or a snack. Assuring the user 100% of the essential protein requirements daily, in addition to 100% of all the vitamins and minerals required for good health. No longer a concern over the nutritional content of conventional foods.

Mixing Directions for Dr. Howard’s Success Diet

Best results are achieved using an electric blender*. Once blended, you may consume by pouring in a glass or bowl.

Cold Drinks
1. 8 – 10 ounces of water, blended with 2-3 ice cubes.
2. Add your packet of formula.
3. Blend approximately for 20 seconds.

Hot Drinks
1. Place 8 ounces of hot water (heated with microwave or pan) in blender.
2. Add your packet of formula.
3. Blend approximately for 20 seconds.

• If an electric blender is not available, use a shaker with a secure lid. Shake well, until mixed.

You can substitute a “meal bar” or become creative using flavor variety for Success Shakes.
Use of fruits during the “Quick Start” program can impair your weight reduction. (Fruits are extremely high in carbohydrate content.)
Favorite seasoning and spices can create exciting flavor variety to soups and shakes.

Important: Hot Drinks blenders should have pressure release valve. If the lid is held slightly ajar, this will allow steam to escape.

Helpful Hints

Don’t skip your “meal replacement.” When consuming a conventional meal, have a “meal replacement” 30 minutes prior to meal.

Learn about high fat – high carbohydrate foods… practice label reading. Learn to consume foods without sauces or gravies. Choose small portions of meat, seafood or poultry (bake/boil). Add slightly steamed vegetables (for high nutritional content), salads and a small amount of fruit. Potatoes, breads, and pastas should be limited each week.

WATER WATER WATER! (8) – 8 ounce glasses per day. Limited amounts of coffee, tea and diet soda… DO NOT EXCHANGE FOR WATER!

Keep busy, and your mind off of food, as the first few days can create some challenges. Some counselors use Acidophilus combined with FOS, to eliminate cravings (available at health food stores). Acidophilus is “healthy yogurt bacteria.” Chromium Picolinate can also help with cravings, although all of our “meal replacements” have small amounts, your body may find additional amounts satisfying.

Nibbles and in-between snacks have calories… those calories may trigger additional hunger.

Program regular physical activity. Walking briskly for 30-45 minutes three times a week is a terrific way to get started.
Increases in physical activity can speed up your metabolism, and improve your weight loss by 10% when compared to dieting alone.

NO ALCOHOL! Alcohol adds many carbohydrates to the diet… this can prevent weight loss!

Track weekly progress, by measuring your chest, waist, hips, legs and arms. Your weight scale can be a great tool, please record weekly progress.

Use of filtered or bottled water for mixing shakes may be desirable.

Temperature storage of individual servings of shakes should be 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Meal bars should be kept at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
Meal bars are sensitive to heated conditions, and neither product should be kept in the trunk of a car, or in the sun.

Rewards yourself! Set many interim goals. Trips to the movies, a new shirt, and a weekend getaway are many great rewards for your efforts.
GOOD WORK should always have REWARDS!