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About us

Dr. Howard is a pioneer in the field of weight loss and nutrition. Over the years, Dr. Howard has developed compact sources of comprehensive nutrition for every need imaginable.

  • It started with formulations for NASA in the 1960's.
  • 17 Million people world wide have benefited from Dr. Howard's knowledge.
  • Very Low Calorie diets are recommended by the Diabetic Association. (Diabetes Care, Vol. 14, 1991)

The research hasn't stopped. Years of hard work have culminated in the Success Program and Immediate Rewards products.

Convenient bars or luscious shakes---both offer a scientifically formulated balance of nutrients. Three servings provide 100% of the Daily Values for all vitamins, minerals and trace elements except chloride.


In 1996 Rosemary Garrison of the United States and Dr. Alan Howard of the United Kingdom made an extraordinary decision. They would join forces and together they would begin to build an avenue for a healthier planet.

Rosemary, bringing over 20 years of business expertise to the weight loss and nutrition industry, and Dr. Howard, offering 30 years of research in weight loss, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular health, launched a U.S. company called Immediate Rewards, Incorporated.

The pair were no strangers as Dr. Howard is the original inventor of the Cambridge Diet and Rosemary has helped thousands of people lose weight on that diet. Years had separated these pioneers and each pursued other venues of helping others. Much had changed over 20 years. The Original Cambridge was now in a line of products with a U.S. company whose expertise is in the food and restaurant business, Rosemary was concentrating on health and nutrition and Dr. Howard was researching new ways to improve cardiovascular health. A special miracle was about to take place.


In 1981, there was a high school math teacher who weighed 550 pounds. Within 13 months he had lost an astounding 325 pounds. He credits the Original Cambridge diet with this incredible weight loss. For 11 years he shared his phenomenal story with people around the world. As the spokesperson for Cambridge International, he was an inspiration to thousands. In 1992 with a change of ownership by Cambridge, this vital link to hope was released from his role as spokesperson. Others would see this as a tragedy, he embraced it as a challenge. Suddenly, leading weight loss companies were offering him opportunities to promote their products...if he would regain weight and say Cambridge didn't work anymore. His integrity would not allow it. His drive became greater than ever. For the next four years he diligently studied the research related to weight loss; he kept informed on new formulations and continued to drink his three Cambridge formulas a day. Then in 1996, tragedy struck. He began to gain weight for the first time in 15 years. Confused and bewildered he turned to his old friend, Dr. Alan Howard.


Within weeks he was on his way to the United Kingdom and in the care of the one man he knew had helped save his life. Bob Hefflin was about to help launch Immediate Rewards a new company featuring an improved version of the diet manufactured by Cambridge Manufacturing in England, after careful consideration the new trademark was developed, Dr. Howard's SUCCESS. Working with a 500-calorie weight loss formulation Dr. Howard set out to relieve Bob's newly found burden. Soon, Bob's weight began dropping and his vitality rising. Together they had found a winner. But there was more. Dr. Howard had just completed research studies on some new health products. And Bob, being the inquisitive health conscious man that he is, implored Dr. Howard to share his results. Bob had to ask if Dr. Howard would permit him to introduce these scientifically tested, nutritionally beneficial products to the people in the United States.


Several weeks after returning to the U.S., Bob received confirmation from Dr. Howard regarding desire for a new venture. Bob contacted a mutual friend of his and Dr. Howard. In January of 1997, Immediate Rewards, Incorporated was formed with Rosemary Garrison at the helm and Bob Hefflin as the spokesperson. United in their commitment to improve the health of our planet, the journey begins.