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I have lost a total of 39 lb. since I started two months ago! I have a lot of energy to the point that after running all day after my kids and work, I can go to the gym for a couple of hours 2 to 3 times a week.
Rebeca Lopez
Miami, FL

At the beginning of Summer 2007, I asked my hubby to bend down and help pick something up for me. He did it but muttered, ‘if you can’t do that for yourself now, imagine what you’re gonna be like when your 60!’ That’s when I made my decision, 2007 was going to be the year that I stopped pretending that I don’t have a problem and get rid of this weight. 

I cried…a lot…I argued that it just was not fair, me and hubby always ate together, he’s 50KG and I was 115KG! What was I going to do? I saw an ad for weight loss massage and the masseuse was confident that I’d lose at least 20KG after 20 sessions. I signed up and paid the money straight away! Wow! I don’t even think that 26 hours of childbirth was ever that painful! Kneading, squeezing, pulling, rubbing and to top it all off, chilli oil rubbed all over and a steam session! I stuck it out, didn’t lose the promised 20KGS but got a good start by getting down to 108. That was July 2007.

At the end of August, an angel in the disguise of a new teacher for our school joined us here in Beijing. I was showing her around, took her to the local supermarket where she told me she needed to be careful what she was eating as she had just lost 35 KGS on a VLCD programme in the UK. I pounced on her demanding more details and spent hours googling this miracle diet. I ordered 3 months worth and sat impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

It arrived late one Friday afternoon, and I spent the whole evening like a kid at Christmas. I woke up very early on the Saturday morning and the rest, what they say, is history!

For three solid months, no non- Success Diet morsel passed my lips. I felt so very strong and so very in control. I weighed regularly and saw the weight literally just dropping away, 10kgs… 15….and then by Christmas 2007, three months after I started this amazing journey, I was down to 85kgs, the lightest I had been in about 10 years!

I’m not saying that this time was a total breeze, but, to be honest, it is the easiest diet that I have ever, ever done….and the only diet that has worked! I never felt hungry….I fancied foods, but the time I spent looking at others eating was also a learning experience for me….learning about healthy choices, portion control, and my biggest problem, stopping when I’m full.

After a short visit home for Christmas, I came back to China and jumped straight back onto the Success wagon. By February 2008 I had lost a further 10 kgs, getting me down to 75 Kgs. I went skiing for the first time in my life….I had so much confidence and energy. I bought clothes for the first time in China, not just because they fitted but because they looked good on me! By this time, I was getting so many compliments and people were asking me left, right and center where they could get this fantastic diet. That’s when I decided to import Success Diet and start selling in China. So far, shipments cannot keep up with demand. Most product is sold before it has even arrived and friends, colleagues and acquaintances are living healthier, happier lighter lives.

It’s now May 2008 and I’m currently at 68 kgs. My goal is 65, and I am confident that I will get there. I no longer use the diet as my sole source of nutrition but have introduced all of the food groups back in…and I’m still losing!!!! Success Diet has changed my life, the only problem I have now is a shopping addiction….clothes, clothes clothes…not so great for my bank account, but so much healthier for my heart.

Paula Zhou

I feel so satisfied using this diet, no diet or vitamins that I have used before, makes me feel this good!
Paulette Blanchard
Lafayette, OR

I really like the taste, and was amazed at how much energy I have using the diet. I used to feel sluggish all the time, now I have plenty of energy for what I want to do! I lost 50# and 40 inches in 9 months... I LOVE IT!
Pat Crawford
Inkster, MI

I am amazed how seniors benefit from using Dr Howard's Success.

Von Mader
(Geriatrics/Alzheimer Care)
Waldport. OR

After 7 children and 21 grandchildren, I'm now at my high school size !
Marie Stauder
Ann Arbor, MI

Nothing makes us look older than excess weight. I lost 38 lbs. and I'm told I look 20 years younger !
Paul Harrod*
Louisville, Ky

63 lbs. gone. I am so proud, and my doctors are thrilled with my progress !
Sue Hickman*
Detroit, MI

Being overweight is a source of anxiety. Dr. Howard's work is a God send ! Safe, effective weight loss that fits into today's lifestyle!
Dr. Thomas Kabisch
Ann Arbor, MI

I don’t know what I’d do without it, I’m proud of it. I drink it for breakfast for every morning, and twice during the day.
Betty Thomas
Dakota, GA

It's better at keeping away cravings than any other diet of this sort that I've been on. It seems to be more satisfying nutritionally than any other diet I've been on.
Stephanie Wimbish
Franklinton, LA

They give you energy - you feel so much more energetic. I think it's the nutrition. You just don't seem to get tired or wear down. It isn't a sudden boost, you just have a lot more energy continuously… at least that's how it works for me. Usually before the middle of the afternoon I'd get pretty dragged down, but I don't seem to now that I've started. I don't feel sleepy or fatigued like I used to.
Diane Edmond
Belen, NM

Well, the most important thing to me if you're interested in long-term good health and longevity, you need to implement a long-term calorie restriction diet. Of all the products on the market, none are as complete as this. It's tasty, its handy, and I've used it every day for five years and I'm still happy.
Sharon Jones
McMinneville, OR

It's the only thing that works for us. When we did this for the first time and saw that we lost weight, then we knew it worked and stuck with it. One of the best things about it is that it takes care of cravings. With this diet, and getting all the nutrition you need, you don't get any cravings. To me that is one of the biggest plusses. We just like using it because of how it makes us feel.
Mary Webb
Seabrook, TX

I love it! I've tried everything and it's probably the best tasting shakes and bar I've ever tried - and I was a chronic dieter. I just think it's a great product.
Ann Campbell
Orem, UT

*Not typical. Individual results will vary depending upon a number of factors.