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Weight Maintenance

Maintenance usually begins when weight loss stops, and can start at about 1500 calories per day. However, it will vary because the recommended daily energy intake figures are 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men, so some people may still lose some weight if their intake is below these levels.

The real danger is – after the 'exciting' weight loss phase – that all the old reasons for being overweight could return. The Immediate Rewards four-stage process helps you to understand the reasons for your original overweight, and the stablization adds selected healthy food choices. In the maintenance stage, you can continue this healthy eating and increasing the levels of activity. Many people continue to use Immediate Rewards meals once or twice a day – not only to control energy intake but to carry on getting the benefits of good nutrition.

Keep a regular check on your weight. When your body weight is increased by more than five pounds above your ideal weight, it is time to take prompt action. This can be done by cutting out a conventional meal and having an Immediate Rewards meal instead. As time goes by, people who have been plagued by being overweight for most of their lives become slim, and attain great confidence. The Immediate Rewards Diet is a very powerful tool with which you can control your weight.

Cutting Down on the Calories
  • Avoid fat
  • Restrict salt
  • Eat fiber
  • Restrict sugar
  • Restrict Alcohol
  • Avoid Fast Food
  • Eat Healthy foods
A Permanent Change
One of the most severe criticisms of the Immediate Rewards Diet made by some psychologists and hospital dieticians, is that it does not change people's eating habits in the long term and is therefore useless, particularly for maintaining weight-loss. To these armchair critics it is just another fad diet. Nothing could be further from the truth as anyone can vouch who has used the diet as a sole source of nutrition for several weeks.

For the first time one realises that vast quantities of food are not indispensable to life. It trains you to live without having food continually on your mind and the experience has a beneficial effect on most people. There is ample proof that the Immediate Rewards stablization maintenance plan achieves excellent results in returning the dieter to long-term healthy eating principles